Rock Creek Park Sliders Release

We continue conmemorating our 10th anniversary with the release of the ROCK CREEK PARK SLIDERS.

A special edition for this 10th anniversary which is characterized by  a textured footbed, a soft foam midsole and one piece upper, for massaging confort, plush cusioning and a comfortable fit.

As it could not have been otherwiswe the ROCK CREEK PARK SLIDER features the GRMY with the ROCK CREEK PARK capsule lettering in the upper strap and in the midsole.

Release date next 28th April at Grimey Flagship Stores and selected retailers


Cookin Soul wearing our "Loot Sport" Jacket, which is a tribute to the original Polo jacket called Snow Beach.   That jacket  became very popular when the raper Raekwon wore it in the "Can It Be All So Simple" video clip, from the Wu Tang Clan first album.

Wu-Tang Clan - Can It Be All So Simple

10th Anniversary Collection

10 logos

In the spring of 2007 we launched our first collection and after 10 years of hard work we can proudly say that we have fulfilled our dream of creating something great out of the blue. A dream of 4 kids from the suburbs of Madrid that without resources and a lot of effort have turned Grimey into one of the most important urban clothing brands.

On the basis of our motto Burning and Looting, as a metaphor of the way of working and the marketing, which confirms that starting from the bottom and with an alternative philosophy that the one established big things can be created. We are Street, we sell street and we invest in the street.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we have make a photo shooting in Havana (Cuba) with the Cuban photographer BRIAN CANELLES. This photo shooting was made for the spring summer 2017 collection and shows the powerful colors of the streets of Havana.

Daniel Jenks – THE BERRICS – Remote Bangin!

Barcelona’s MACBA is the ultimate intersection of pedestrians and skaters filming epic lines. The spot’s ecosystem is a tricky balance but Sant Cugat, Spain’s Dani Jenks manages to coexist in this Bangin’!

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Molly Maze x Grimey

Molly Maze x Grimey - FW16 Collection

Everybody is trying to find his own way inside a maze full of temptations. Find your way out

Method Man x Grimey


Method Man rockin the new Natural Hoodie in the Out 4 Fame Festival in Germany.