Grimey is coming strong in 2019.  After launching a brilliant SS19 collection it's now revealing one of it's most impressive collaborations to date, a capsule collection with Natos and Waor, undoubtedly the most relevant Spanish rap duo of recent years. Their alliance has birthed a very hot capsule that has been the talk of the town.

The concept of this capsule is "Unity is Strength," marked by the affinity the group has with pirate symbolism that is reaffirmed throughout the capsule with an exclusively created logo. This imagery is seen throughout the capsule composed of black garments, including of a hoodie, long pants and a kimono made with high quality velour fabric and animal print, accompanied by a black cap representing the pirate flag.

Grimey's collaborations with artists are prevalent and heard about throughout the world. After the success of last year in their union with the king of Italian trap Sfera Ebbasta, this year will be no less with the national rap leaders Natos and Waor.

The big question is ….are you going to miss it?


Spring Summer 19 Collection

2019 is a powerful year and Grimey surprise again with the new trendy collection full of street culture

The Grimey SS19 collection is eclectic and chamelonic  with an evolved aftertaste. The focus is on sportswear, taking and adapting them to a daily use. Vivid colors, mix of materials with an evolutions in some of the brand's flagship garments and introduction of new styles.

Garments for daily use under any kind of circustances. Always keeping our ownstyle following and marking the demanded street culture tendencies around the world.

As usual Grimey divides the collection in different capsules with different inspirations and all together make the total SS19 season. This capsules are :

Brick Top, Midnight, F.A.L.A. Wild Child, Laughing Boy, Heritage, Transsiberian, Steamy, Ultimate Summer, Walking Trophy, Fluid Planet.

In addition we can find two top collabs with artists that we will announce soon and that they are going to be the talk of the town

The ss19 collection is presented throuhg a very exquisite aesthetics focused in the international value. Taking inspiration in the everyday life  , the relationships and the natural behaviour. 

Reflecting the sports garments in a daily use by a shooting in different cool and trendy spots in Madrid.

In this shooting we can find two boys and two girls who meet and spend the day together, having a walk , going to party, eating pizza, going crazy,  flirting, playing, dancing and having fun. 

Grimey still keeps fit with a continue growth and it does not finish here. There is a lot to show you this 2019 and in an amazing future next 2020

Fall Winter Shootings

Manchester Shooting by Mario Veloso


GRMY featuring Dickies - Limited Edition Drop

GRMY, the most powerful Spanish streetwear brand has joined with Dickies in a very exclusive collaboration.

With a small tribute to Check self of Ice Cube, GRIMEY presents his collection with DICKIES exclusively in this editorial directed and produced by WAG1 studio, the creative lab from the spanish magazine

Check yourself before you stay out ...

A woman helps a man to escape from prison. They run more than 100 miles, the road becomes long and they do not stop looking if they are persecuted.
Nothing around them, but suddenly the white background returns. They are already hunted again.

Grimey joins with Dickies in a very exclusive collaboration based on the history of both brands and with an inspiration that takes us around from South Central to Long Beach, through Downtown or Compton and composed of three unisex garments: an overall , a jumpsuit and a tee.

The navy blue jumpsuit reminds us of the uniform that is distributed in the prisons... as seen in the southern neighborhoods of LA.
The black overall is another piece that reminds us a lot of neighborhoods like Inglewood and its famous store Randy's Donuts or movies like South Central (1992).
And the shirt with the unmistakable look of Ice Cube and the claim of the Spanish streetwear brand on the back.

The collection is limited edition and will be released on Friday, June 8 for sale in Madrid, Barcelona and the Online store.

We all have a prison from which to escape
. Break out tomorrow

The fashion editorial and film, shooted by Pedro Marnez & Agustín Escamez Aka @qandcumber, with Miki Valles to the brushes and protagonists of the history Echubeshades and Milena Smit can be downloaded in the next links:


Infamous Grimey X Sfera Ebbasta 

The alliance between Grimey’s Creative Director  (Buzz Watson) and the italian artist Sfera Ebbasta, has given place to a capsule collection inspired in the 90’s artists tshirts “deadstock” concept.

On the basis of this concept, this capsule has been designed developing compositions and word games that contrast two of the mayor female muses of all times. This mix between both styles and generations muses, gets emphasized thanks to the black and white powerful combination. 

Release day 23.02.2018





This collaboration reflects the connection since several years between GRIMEY and the Hamburg collective 187 STRASSENBANDE, which is one of the most successful groups in the german music scene.


The VANDAL SPORT 187 brand was created in 2014 by FROST, a very active graffiti writer from Hamburg and member of the 187 STRASSENBANDE collective.


Like GRIMEY, the collective from Hamburg, has always been very involved in the street culture, and that has created a very good connection between both


Starting from this connection they decided to design a capsule that had a very classic street image, therefore, the collection is made up by a poly ripstop tracksuit in black, red and white colors, with a matching cap that pays tribute to a classic sports cap of the late 90's, and also a soccer tee in the same colors. The entire collection is full of the 187 STRASSENBANDE simbology and a new logo has been created as image for the collection  based on the union of both brands.


We  keep on celebrating our tenth anniversary with the launch of the GRMY 10th ANNIVERSARY watch, a special edition in collaboration with  G-SHOCK.

The GRMY 10th ANNIVERSARY watch has been developed from the G-SHOCK model DW-6900BB-1ER with the Grimey initials printed over the black resin band on both sides of the case. The GRMY 10th ANNIVERSARY watch supports the same features as the original G-SHOK DW-6900BB-1ER, like mineral crystal, quartzmovement, alarm, chronograph, timers, electro-luminescent light and is 20 ATM submersible.


New Collection Fall Winter 2017

Grimey Fall Winter 2017

After our 10th anniversary, we return with the Fall Winter 2017 collection. The most extensive, detailed and elaborated collection we have ever made.

This time, we show our influences and origins through the garments, the result becomes a pretty and eclectic combination that keep the pure Grimey essence.

As on previous collections, Fall Winter 2017 is divided into several lines developed from different concepts.


The Payback, as its name indicates , is our revenge. Here we are again. 100% Grimey style in a capsule where mixture of materials and details turn basic concepts into elaborated garments.


G Skills defines our love for the 90's... mixing classic colors with trendy tones. Feather overcoats, tactel tracksuits, hoodies and cotton pants.


Lucy Pearl is a large capsule, where the essence of the nineties shines again. Polyester tracksuits, windbreakers, cared details, vintage colors and different materials. We wanted to bring back  garments that represented us in the past to an updated view. In order not to lose our style, in this collection we have done a small tribute to someone who is very admired by us. The capsule name and graphic details are inspired in memory of Lucy Parsons.


Heritage / Infamous. This is our classic logo but in a minimalist way. Pure black and white in some clothes become into more opulent  graphics  but without loosing that simplicity. Less is more and more is less.


Half-Court  A tribute to streetball, developing a loose fit zipper hoodie with neat details, and completing the line with t-shirts and caps full of  “ballers” symbology ... Leave me alone!


The Gatekeeper recalls boxing gyms essence, with raw graphics rooted in that world. We love that aesthetic, thats why we culminate the collection with an hybrid between a robe to jump into the ring and a kimono to chill at home.


 Havana. Inspired in our beloved Cuba, starting with a souvenir jacket that has an embroidered map of this country designed in an iconic way. Hockey jerseys, caps, sweatshirts and t-shirts full of Cuban spirit.


"Cut the Crap" is a clear allusion to the punk scene originators. This expression is very close to Grimey’s philosophy and we have turned it into a quite dark capsule with a touch of color, what makes it a reflection of nowadays trends.


 Natural we have found inspiration in rivers, mountains and everything related to mother nature.  Bringing  a piece of that wealth to the polluted streets where we breathe. Camouflage, sherpa denim, colorful embroidery, washed cotton, black velour ... fresh air.


Hijack. Is the darkest part of our collection. Earthy colors, washed blacks, cold camouflages, long-cut garments and a gothic touch to continue burning and looting by all means necessary.


Overcome. A Grimey’s classic but fresher, with trendy colors. Basic, effective and very cool.