While the weather is getting worse and winter is rising at the horizon, we decided to bring out the heavy artillery and join with Waor, one of the most international and controversial artists in the music industry.

Hand in hand, we create a simple and at the same time elegant cap with the main axis on the most characteristic sharp object of the Middle Ages: daggers.

Daggers are a weapon and are often related with violent aspects, but this is not always like this. The daggers represent the courage and protection to oneself, to the internal struggle that we all fight daily.

It’s no coincidence that the artist has chosen the daggers for the occasion, because he has them tattooed on his skin reminding him that daily struggle he have to face.

The main design has been created by Fresisuisss, while La Purezza del Quartiere is responsible for  the audiovisual part, images and the promotional video.

ANUEL with one of the dope garments of GRMY

There are releases and releases. But one with the voices of Anuel, Myke TowersJhay Cortez and Wisin, is not a normal one... The main cast teams up in the nicknamed 'remix of the year' taking 'Fiel' to other galaxies.

For this occasion, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, also known as Anuel, has dressed up with one of the dope garments of the new GRMY Collection.

It's not the first time that the Puerto Rican has been sponsored by the brand. Together with Ozuna, they showed the FW20 season at the premiere of their album 'Los Dioses'.

"To make a remix like this, it's simple, you have to be born again"


The conclusion for the first part of the year 2021 is a second drop that closes the season, focused on a selection of pieces for much warmer temperatures.  The campaign has been shot in Los Angeles and Arabia Saudi.

Not as extensive as previous collections but with the same intensity, SUMMER 21 is made up of two capsules where we offer a balance between our classics and innovation. In this drop there is also space for a wide range of accessories that completes the second part of the season.


Our highly sought after basics collection returns full of colors and intense garment dye with a gradient effect for this "present", opening the summer with a new style and a stronger presence than in previous occasions.

We feel like burning the "CORE" to bring it back with a notorious look for this collection, we bring you sweatshirts, t-shirts and cotton tank tops that will allow you to look cool with hardly any effort and we close it off with swim trunks, hats and towels...

We are Still Burning!!


Super elastic capsule in style, garments and concept.

Sets of satin silk shirt and shorts, mesh in basketball shirts and tank tops, cotton buckets and shorts... Set in a sacred, spiritual, a new adaptation of the Persian and Mughal empires wrapped in paisley and vimanas among skylines.

Embracing Earth tones, showing off the vibrant ones and reaching lively pastel colors in an unpredictable and unprecedented combination. Elephants for war and kamasutra for love. Inconclusive stories and hard-to-see hopes.

Our most personal bet for this season!



On the occasion of the launch of their new reference #Skit2020, the female duo wears some pieces from the Spring 2021 season of GRIMEY.

Items from the Liveution, Strange Fruit Fever or The Loot capsules are chosen by one of the most influential groups of the moment in urban music.



For the first time in history, GRIMEY divides his collection Spring/Summer in two capsules.

For this period, a few weeks ago before the summer, one of the artists who accompanies to us is GHETTO BOY, a promising young man of drill in Spain. Shot by Carla Deltoro, Barcelona is the stage for the inmortalization of the moment.



The collection is divided into four capsules. All of them have their own personality and want to give a voice to neighborhood life.

Denom, one of Grimey Music's flagship artists, accompanies us wearing some garments from the new collection in a session held in what appears to be Spanish Chinatown.



One year ago, Gzuz released his eponymous album in the middle of a global collapse by the pandemic. Now, the German is back together with GRIMEY in this collection.

The artist's name comes from "Ghetto-Zeug unzensiert" (Ghetto things without censorship), while the 187 of his collective meaning to the code used by the American police to declare a murder.

GRIMEY joins Gzuz 187 to offer a set of pieces inspired by the artist's life.

With the standard colours and a clear concept, the collection consists of sweatshirts, tracksuits and windbreakers for the most orthodox in the field.



GRIMEY resists following patterns with the absolute conviction that they have taken a leap onto a new path but without losing their spirit.

This Spring 2021 is divided into four capsules. All of them have their own personality where details are taken care of again and novelties are offered. For the first time in history, Grimey divides the SPRING-SUMMER collection into two drops.


This capsule was born from the poetic concept Strange Fruit, the mythical song symbolizing the lynchings of blacks in the USA written in 1939, but which today, far from being an echo of the past, is still very present in the was that we live with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement.

Among the most outstanding garments we find a new concept of tracksuit with hood and detachable sleeves, also sweatshirts, track pants and cotton shorts, long-sleeved, cut and mesh t-shirts and even a new material, “home textile” in one of the sets.

Transforming that bitter culture into a vindictive cult full of colors, prints and mixing symbolism with abstraction, StrangeFruit Fever is undoubtedly one of our most open and most ambiguous pieces in terms of style. Brushstrokes that evoke the old street wear coexist in total harmony with the freshest and most current perfume.


Magic for resistance.

Graphic concepts inspired by the occult, the strength of spirit and human evolution in these tough times.

The Baron Samedi, Screamin 'Jay Hawkins, restorative fire, roosters and spells alongside a powerful color palette. Vindictive bombers, washed jeans, charges and a divergent tie dye that is one of the jewels of the collection... All in the same cauldron. A spell to stay real.


This collection is a regeneration of the Varsity concept for which he is betting once again. Both in color range and visually and in the interpretation of the set of garments.

Highlights its reversible Satin Jacket with denim on the other side, pique tracksuit, baseball yarn jerseys, football shirts in satin fabric, wool jacketcut and sew... 80s? 90s? 2000s? All and none. We burn and loot. This collection is quite different from the usual, but without losing an iota of strength or spirit.


Coming soon...



The Puerto Rican duo, Anuel y Ozuna, number one with their new album 'Los Dioses', joins the spanish company GRMY on their new LP.

Call Of Yore jacket, Yoga Fire sweatshirt and Ubiquiti track jacket are some of the chosen clothes.

This release is one of the most ambitious of their career. Click here to listen it.

Fall Winter 2020 Collection


We introduce this collection with a very special feeling. We have
channeled our vision to this NEW PRESENT of the streets, more undefined
than ever before, and we have fallen in love with the results. Grimey
FW20 is a collection with a mix of aged flavors, yet it still manages to
retain its freshness in a deep and rough sense, it contains various
conceptual points but they are all joined together by a very fine thread
that allows the collection to be more continuous than in previous
occasions. For us it was fundamental to enter the new decade with a much
more defined personality. Apart from returning to our usual places of
inspiration we decided to explore new ones and returned only with what
fascinated us, what we love unconditionally. Trying to convert
tendencies into personal taste while overcoming our own natural need to
create something new, to not repeat. In this occasion the color range is
a bit more subtle in most of the garments but that does not mean that we
have completely forgotten the use of vibrant colors and in some
occasions they become the main focus resulting in a powerful and well
balanced mix of colors.
A special reference to our set of sweatshirts and tops that carry on
with an abundant amount of details that are the complete opposite of an
afterthought. We have put our focus on making this garments the pillars
of the whole collection. As far as textiles and materials go once again
we bet on cotton and polyester, while still making use of corduroy,
satin, polar fleece and Sherpa and introducing ingredients the likes of
velour, flannel and more than anything synthetic textile which without a
doubt is one of the stars of the collection, clearly seen by the use of
this material in garments such as a tracksuit and a baseball jersey. We
have the personal conviction that our Fall/Winter collection is the most
compact, bringing in a new breeze but yet and still not altering our ego
nor none of our personal convictions.


Inspired by Nascar racing but full of our own Grimey parallels and
classic concepts that are linked to the street knowledge, avoiding any
type of symbology that can be connected to the world of motoring.
Patches and vibrant colors over cotton garments, reversible jackets with
full prints, mesh t-shirts, skirts and leggings. The race goes on in the
streets and it is NOT in any way pertaining to cars.


Starting from the conceptualization of the expressions "Nightwalker" or
"Nocturnal Animal" and joined by the enchantment of the night life and
its surrounding infamy emerges "Nite Marauder", possibly the most sober
and moderate part of our collection, although by no means any less
suggestive than the rest. Jackets made from synthetic fabrics and denim,
pullovers and tracksuits made out of corduroy which has become our go to
fabric within our preferences, garments made from cotton and carpenter
pants as a novelty, all within a set of warm colors with our infamous
touch that give our 2020 Fall/Winter collection a sense of ambivalence
and elasticity.
We shall forever loot.


You know my steez. Yet another spin to our classic core garments. This
time we have introduced a very potent color palette, plus a few metallic
touches in the graphics, whether on windbreakers, sweatshirts or
t-shirts we continue to reclaim our nonconformity.


Ubiquity is a reconstruction of the "Back in the days" concept, only it
has been liquified and converted into a cocktail of references and love
towards rap music, Roy Ayers Jazz tunes, inner city living and our own
ego. The message here is the intention to "Rock" the streets with a
youthful energy mixed with the memories of times that have passed, all
in a very uncertain present.
Tracksuits with a new and revamped concept combining mesh and polyester,
sweatshirts made with different materials and vainful prints, conceited
hockey jerseys and a dress born out of a NFL jersey, all within a very
vibrant and contrasted color range. Closing the capsule we have T-shirts
and heavy cotton pants, very "early 2000's" with more discreet colors
and more basic graphics but none the less still very conceited.


Inspired by the powerful Thai graphic style and supporting a
revolutionary concept of protest, Omnipresent within our manifest since
the beginning, we reveal Yoga Fire, a disobedient garment set that at
times seem to meddle with arrogance.
Ostentatious baseball jackets that flow with the classic concept that
this type of garment has, cut and sew sweatshirts with washed cotton,
chained embroidery, printed long sleeve t-shirts, cotton pants with
embroidery and cargo pockets, as a novelty we introduce padded garments
and flannels, loop earrings and even a Muai Thay set with a skirt and a
top.....the message is clear, the flame is still burning.


Mystic? perhaps. Call of Yore stands as a graphic call to the mixing of
cultures throughout history's intrinsic conceptual map. Palpating
ancient cultures come together in the vastness of the universe exploding
into what this capsule has come to be. The range of colors used is much
closer to the earth tones and in regards to fabrics, once again we
turned to cotton, but in this occasion it is also accompanied by
synthetic textile tracksuits, baseball jerseys, pants, jackets, overalls
and different accessories, on top of that...velvet, satin polyester,
tricot, chenille, contrasting embroidery and full prints....we mix
concepts and fabrics...we are aware of the call from the past.


The name for this mini collection arises from the mysterious magnetism
found in the New Mexico deserts. We quench our thirst in the fountains
of the late 90's and early 2000's and we bring it back to this decade
transforming it into a set of garments inspired in the outdoors and
ready to tame the nightly desert and the streets. The graphic style is
linked to the aesthetic of the "Drum 'N' Bass" nights" and the color
palette is oriented towards warm tones with strokes of intense colors
that in a few particular garments are able to increase their energy
levels transforming into exciting yet very abstract prints.
Polar fleece sets and Sherpa jackets are joined by nylon tracksuits with
half zippers and hoodies, windbreakers with mesh panels and puffy
jackets with reversible polar interiors. Closing the circle we have a
set of very particular accessories that gives the capsule an extra hint
of flavor.