New Collection Fall Winter 2017

Grimey Fall Winter 2017

After our 10th anniversary, we return with the Fall Winter 2017 collection. The most extensive, detailed and elaborated collection we have ever made.

This time, we show our influences and origins through the garments, the result becomes a pretty and eclectic combination that keep the pure Grimey essence.

As on previous collections, Fall Winter 2017 is divided into several lines developed from different concepts.


The Payback, as its name indicates , is our revenge. Here we are again. 100% Grimey style in a capsule where mixture of materials and details turn basic concepts into elaborated garments.


G Skills defines our love for the 90's... mixing classic colors with trendy tones. Feather overcoats, tactel tracksuits, hoodies and cotton pants.


Lucy Pearl is a large capsule, where the essence of the nineties shines again. Polyester tracksuits, windbreakers, cared details, vintage colors and different materials. We wanted to bring back  garments that represented us in the past to an updated view. In order not to lose our style, in this collection we have done a small tribute to someone who is very admired by us. The capsule name and graphic details are inspired in memory of Lucy Parsons.


Heritage / Infamous. This is our classic logo but in a minimalist way. Pure black and white in some clothes become into more opulent  graphics  but without loosing that simplicity. Less is more and more is less.


Half-Court  A tribute to streetball, developing a loose fit zipper hoodie with neat details, and completing the line with t-shirts and caps full of  “ballers” symbology ... Leave me alone!


The Gatekeeper recalls boxing gyms essence, with raw graphics rooted in that world. We love that aesthetic, thats why we culminate the collection with an hybrid between a robe to jump into the ring and a kimono to chill at home.


 Havana. Inspired in our beloved Cuba, starting with a souvenir jacket that has an embroidered map of this country designed in an iconic way. Hockey jerseys, caps, sweatshirts and t-shirts full of Cuban spirit.


"Cut the Crap" is a clear allusion to the punk scene originators. This expression is very close to Grimey’s philosophy and we have turned it into a quite dark capsule with a touch of color, what makes it a reflection of nowadays trends.


 Natural we have found inspiration in rivers, mountains and everything related to mother nature.  Bringing  a piece of that wealth to the polluted streets where we breathe. Camouflage, sherpa denim, colorful embroidery, washed cotton, black velour ... fresh air.


Hijack. Is the darkest part of our collection. Earthy colors, washed blacks, cold camouflages, long-cut garments and a gothic touch to continue burning and looting by all means necessary.


Overcome. A Grimey’s classic but fresher, with trendy colors. Basic, effective and very cool.