Collaboration with the great Phade, a legend who we truly admired. We had the luck and honor of meeting him in Las Vegas and that’s when the magic happened. The streets of NYC represented through Grimey wear, Old School Graffiti printed on our cotton garments, block parties, computer rock in the year 2020.

Burning and Looting.




An exclusive collaboration with designer Cherry Massia. The chemistry between Grimey and Cherry Massia materialized through “The Law of Attraction” a belief system that is rooted in Hinduism. This law reveals how it is possible to attain whatever we might desire if we are able to focus our energy towards our goals.

It proclaims how through our own thinking we are able to obtain what we desire and thus materialize our own reality. This is our most technical and experimental collection, mixing semi transparent fabrics, holographic and polyesters to create a dystopian future. Pure chemistry.


Spring Summer 2020



This season our destination is a much warmer one, returning to the streets, to our roots and social demands. The collection that we are presenting you is a much more diverse in regards to styles but with straightforward meanings, while still having a somewhat parental background it holds the aggressive and instigating attitude we are accustomed to show through our garments.




Inspired by the “Cholo” style and the Chicano culture of California. A declaration of love to Chicano Power, the Latin diaspora, the mixture of races and the streets of cities like Los Angeles or San Diego. Garments made with bandanas, chains, tank tops, satin fabrics and proud graphics. It is not about being good or bad but rather not being a Pendejo for anybody.




The sportiest section of our collection, with garments inspired by the decade of the 2000’s. With ACKWNOLEDGE we want to show love and respect to one of our constant influences, Native Tongues, a unique collective of musicians well known for their positive mindset and hopeful Afrocentric content. A full spectrum of colors, mesh patches along with satin fabrics and embroidery with messages inspired by the same collective. In this capsule we are bringing back the baseball jacket, one of most favored garments, accompanied by reversible pullovers, Tactel tracksuits with asymmetric designs, shiny football and baseball uniforms, shorts and tie dye t-shirts…The Love-Hate Movement.




Collaboration with the great Phade, a legend who we truly admired. We had the luck and honor of meeting him in Las Vegas and that’s when the magic happened. The streets of NYC represented through Grimey wear, Old School Graffiti printed on our cotton garments, block parties, computer rock in the year 2020.

Burning and Looting.














A direct tribute to the ¨Maroon People¨ the first African community that revolted and escaped enslavement to establish a free town.

Yanga or Nyanga, means ¨Prince¨ in the African language and is also the name of the town that pays homage to the enslaved son of the King of the Yang-Bara tribe who displayed incredible bravery in the fight to freed his people in what is now modern Veracruz, Mexico. Full print with hand made artwork for garments made with polyester and bamboo fibers as well as animal print for the mesh garments.

Cargo pants, sweatshirts, embroidered Guayaveras, long sleeve t-shirts, bathing suits and our own Muay Thai shorts that return with a Yanga style for this occasion





In Japanese Dojo literally means “ the place of awakening” as it refers to the constant search for physical, moral, mental and spiritual perfection. This is the place where the “VIA” is practiced, additionally Urmah Dojo is also represented by the FU lion, a powerful animal and defender of the law, also considered to be a symbol of protection throughout many Asian cultures.

This is a capsule with powerful colors and a new fitting for the track jacket and female sweatshirts along with nylon crewnecks, large embroidery and full print for cotton garments with flocked vinyl, all of this are part of a series of outfits inspired by the Martial Arts aesthetic, cumbersome statements that give our collection a unique mystic vision to be sported out in the streets.





Our core collection with a new and much more “hyped” style. Rubber patches and acid tones. Cargo track pants, cotton sweatshirts and shorts, a very unique raincoat manufactured with recycled materials and silkscreened t-shirts.






Grimey and LX , who is a member of the of the famous collective “187 STRASSENBANDE” have joined forces to bring out to light a capsule that combines Grimey’s fresh style and the artist true identity.


It was just a matter of time until this collaboration was set in stone. LX and Grimey have continued to maintain a great relationship since Frost (other 187 member) introduced both parties at a party in Berlin. Ever since that day the relationship between LX and Grimey has only got stronger and after working with Vandal Sport 187 it was only obvious that a collaboration with LX was past due.


According to Ivan “BUZZ” Watson who is the Creative Director for the brand:
“We met LX through Frost  in a party in Berlin, After that night our relationship kept growing and every time he travels to Berlin he makes sure to contact our people. He is a great guy and it was only a matter of time before we collaborated. We wanted to create something that would  reflect his identity 100% and so we started brainstorming, it was clear that it had to be something related to fruit and  we chose the pineapple logo and LX aesthetic  as a starting point and  from there we developed the whole collection”


The collection is comprised of a  ripstop polyester tracksuit with a  patterned lining and the logo that we designed for the occasion which is stamped on a rubber patch.

A pineapple sky mask for the cold nights and a black leatherette fanny pack.


Release day: 04/10/2019

Fall Winter 19 Collection





This season we opted for a more coordinated collection that offers more connection between capsules than the previous ones. With lines different from one another yet parallel, we focused everything on one nuclear concept of inspiration. We like to believe, and GRIMEY FW19 is an ode to the cosmic multiculturalism and all the mysteries that space generates for us. From a distance we continue thinking that Space is The Place, like the admirable Sun-Ra used to say. In simplified terms, our muse for this collection lies in that phrase. Following the norm at GRIMEY, there’s a lot of information in each garment we design and we love publicizing that we’re engineers, astronomers and steadfast investigators...from the hood to the cosmos. The collection varies a lot between tones and colors, opting for a broader spectrum than times past. From the darker and duller to the most vibrant, we pass through pastels and meet all the way to fluorescents. Regarding the diversity of fabrics, we reintroduce new references to our classics. Cotton, polyester, polar fleece, Sherpa, corduroy, synthetic leather, reflective and metallic fabrics



Paying homage to the magazine Ramparts, referenced for their political ideas and literature published between 1962 and 1975. Their content is very rooted in who we are and our present way of thinking. Our intention is to send a vital message that speaks to the manipulation we continue living through after so many years, with even more aggression than in the past. In this capsule we have full print reversible jackets, embroidery, cargo pants, cotton sweaters with adjustable closures at the waistline and endless messages making reference to the conspiracies of the elite and the revolution. The most feminine aspects have streetstyle prints designed for going out, expressed through sporty fabrics like satin polyester and cotton, supported by embroidery and gold vinyl’s that deliver lots of glamour to the capsule.




Ra, Akhenaton, Isis, Sekhment, Orion...Engineering of the Gods. Complex embroidery, encrypted messages, energetic colors and a blend of animal prints. Cotton garments with lots of details in the stitching, pullovers and tracksuits made of elastic polyamide, long sleeve shirts, corduroy sweat suits with backpack and matching fanny pack that share the same material. We have a unisex coverall and overall, lots of zippers, openings, embroidery, patches and very technical fit. Skirts, culottes, bodysuits and a variety of tops that share the graphics and color spectrum of the male designs. It’s the collection with the most variation in fabric and details…”I was one. I turned myself into three.



Our basics collection this season isn’t that basic, with extensive colors and a variety of accessories. Fluorescent and reflective details for chest packs, cross body bags, beanies and bucket hats with bold color blends on sweaters, shirts and hats. Our flying saucer.



We keep playing hard. One of our rare gems of this collection is our leather chupa “Looter Cult.” Inspired by the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the patching, colors and detailing is 100% Grimey. It’s our classic message with a twist. To complete the capsule we have a single white cotton sweat suit with a fluorescent green full print, a black hoodie with the same print in violet and fluorescent green and black shirts. This time our accessories are very special, with a printed durag and a ski mask that matches the jacket. A pure spectacle.

Burning and Looting.



The mysterious vibe we’re harnessing accelerates with this group of garments. We’ve combined our vision of the rebirth of the early 2000’s in the graphics with very interesting winter garments (fleece liners in tops and pants, Sherpa jackets, ski jackets and windbreakers…) using plain bold colors and prints. Details include rubber patches and stoppers on most garments. Two full print polyamide tracksuits, embroidered cotton sweaters with detailing and contrasting materials, nylon snapbacks, high neck sweaters with fleece extension of the collection where we give a futuristic look without losing our essence. It’s the most sporty women’s collection due to the mix of fabrics, colors and shapes. Cotton and mixed polyamide with fluorescent prints. Cropped tops and oversized sweaters. Mini puff jackets with details outside the norm like the zipper and pull. We introduce a padded kimono and pant with a winter esthetic. Don’t be afraid it’s not the end.




We still haven’t accomplished our mission, we keep burning up the galaxy. Soft, silky tracksuits with fluorescent and metallic detailing, windbreakers to go fix the ship’s hull if necessary, patchworked cotton garments and the most lunar sweat suit in silver fabric with a matching bucket hat. All this is a futuristic work is the movement in preparation for landing on the Black Planet.



If your intention is to investigate sightings you must always be prepared to confront low temperatures. We have the feeling we’ll discover something near that lake in the Antarctica...corduroy jackets, puffer jackets, fleece lining, rubber patches, Sherpa jackets, gloves...and a few other surprises. This winter we forget about the cold to focus on the findings of intelligent life on other planets. In the female silhouette we continue betting on cotton and fleece sweat suits but with a different set of graphics and fit. Crop tops are introduced with the thought of overlapping garments. In addition a puff in the shape of a globe. The entire collection has rubber detailing, reflective tape and stoppers. Never-ending.



We trip off LX and LX trips of Grimey. It was only a matter of time before we did a collaboration...We have an elegant sweat suit made of poly-ristop, with printed liners and a logo we designed for the occasion placed on a rubber stamp. A cone in a ski mask...for cold nights and a synthetic leather fanny pack.


Grimey is coming strong in 2019.  After launching a brilliant SS19 collection it's now revealing one of it's most impressive collaborations to date, a capsule collection with Natos and Waor, undoubtedly the most relevant Spanish rap duo of recent years. Their alliance has birthed a very hot capsule that has been the talk of the town.

The concept of this capsule is "Unity is Strength," marked by the affinity the group has with pirate symbolism that is reaffirmed throughout the capsule with an exclusively created logo. This imagery is seen throughout the capsule composed of black garments, including of a hoodie, long pants and a kimono made with high quality velour fabric and animal print, accompanied by a black cap representing the pirate flag.

Grimey's collaborations with artists are prevalent and heard about throughout the world. After the success of last year in their union with the king of Italian trap Sfera Ebbasta, this year will be no less with the national rap leaders Natos and Waor.

The big question is ….are you going to miss it?


Spring Summer 19 Collection

2019 is a powerful year and Grimey surprise again with the new trendy collection full of street culture

The Grimey SS19 collection is eclectic and chamelonic  with an evolved aftertaste. The focus is on sportswear, taking and adapting them to a daily use. Vivid colors, mix of materials with an evolutions in some of the brand's flagship garments and introduction of new styles.

Garments for daily use under any kind of circustances. Always keeping our ownstyle following and marking the demanded street culture tendencies around the world.

As usual Grimey divides the collection in different capsules with different inspirations and all together make the total SS19 season. This capsules are :

Brick Top, Midnight, F.A.L.A. Wild Child, Laughing Boy, Heritage, Transsiberian, Steamy, Ultimate Summer, Walking Trophy, Fluid Planet.

In addition we can find two top collabs with artists that we will announce soon and that they are going to be the talk of the town

The ss19 collection is presented throuhg a very exquisite aesthetics focused in the international value. Taking inspiration in the everyday life  , the relationships and the natural behaviour. 

Reflecting the sports garments in a daily use by a shooting in different cool and trendy spots in Madrid.

In this shooting we can find two boys and two girls who meet and spend the day together, having a walk , going to party, eating pizza, going crazy,  flirting, playing, dancing and having fun. 

Grimey still keeps fit with a continue growth and it does not finish here. There is a lot to show you this 2019 and in an amazing future next 2020

Fall Winter Shootings