GRIMEY resists following patterns with the absolute conviction that they have taken a leap onto a new path but without losing their spirit.

This Spring 2021 is divided into four capsules. All of them have their own personality where details are taken care of again and novelties are offered. For the first time in history, Grimey divides the SPRING-SUMMER collection into two drops.


This capsule was born from the poetic concept Strange Fruit, the mythical song symbolizing the lynchings of blacks in the USA written in 1939, but which today, far from being an echo of the past, is still very present in the was that we live with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement.

Among the most outstanding garments we find a new concept of tracksuit with hood and detachable sleeves, also sweatshirts, track pants and cotton shorts, long-sleeved, cut and mesh t-shirts and even a new material, “home textile” in one of the sets.

Transforming that bitter culture into a vindictive cult full of colors, prints and mixing symbolism with abstraction, StrangeFruit Fever is undoubtedly one of our most open and most ambiguous pieces in terms of style. Brushstrokes that evoke the old street wear coexist in total harmony with the freshest and most current perfume.


Magic for resistance.

Graphic concepts inspired by the occult, the strength of spirit and human evolution in these tough times.

The Baron Samedi, Screamin 'Jay Hawkins, restorative fire, roosters and spells alongside a powerful color palette. Vindictive bombers, washed jeans, charges and a divergent tie dye that is one of the jewels of the collection... All in the same cauldron. A spell to stay real.


This collection is a regeneration of the Varsity concept for which he is betting once again. Both in color range and visually and in the interpretation of the set of garments.

Highlights its reversible Satin Jacket with denim on the other side, pique tracksuit, baseball yarn jerseys, football shirts in satin fabric, wool jacketcut and sew... 80s? 90s? 2000s? All and none. We burn and loot. This collection is quite different from the usual, but without losing an iota of strength or spirit.


Coming soon...