GRMY featuring Dickies - Limited Edition Drop

GRMY, the most powerful Spanish streetwear brand has joined with Dickies in a very exclusive collaboration.

With a small tribute to Check self of Ice Cube, GRIMEY presents his collection with DICKIES exclusively in this editorial directed and produced by WAG1 studio, the creative lab from the spanish magazine

Check yourself before you stay out ...

A woman helps a man to escape from prison. They run more than 100 miles, the road becomes long and they do not stop looking if they are persecuted.
Nothing around them, but suddenly the white background returns. They are already hunted again.

Grimey joins with Dickies in a very exclusive collaboration based on the history of both brands and with an inspiration that takes us around from South Central to Long Beach, through Downtown or Compton and composed of three unisex garments: an overall , a jumpsuit and a tee.

The navy blue jumpsuit reminds us of the uniform that is distributed in the prisons... as seen in the southern neighborhoods of LA.
The black overall is another piece that reminds us a lot of neighborhoods like Inglewood and its famous store Randy's Donuts or movies like South Central (1992).
And the shirt with the unmistakable look of Ice Cube and the claim of the Spanish streetwear brand on the back.

The collection is limited edition and will be released on Friday, June 8 for sale in Madrid, Barcelona and the Online store.

We all have a prison from which to escape
. Break out tomorrow

The fashion editorial and film, shooted by Pedro Marnez & Agustín Escamez Aka @qandcumber, with Miki Valles to the brushes and protagonists of the history Echubeshades and Milena Smit can be downloaded in the next links: