While the weather is getting worse and winter is rising at the horizon, we decided to bring out the heavy artillery and join with Waor, one of the most international and controversial artists in the music industry.

Hand in hand, we create a simple and at the same time elegant cap with the main axis on the most characteristic sharp object of the Middle Ages: daggers.

Daggers are a weapon and are often related with violent aspects, but this is not always like this. The daggers represent the courage and protection to oneself, to the internal struggle that we all fight daily.

It’s no coincidence that the artist has chosen the daggers for the occasion, because he has them tattooed on his skin reminding him that daily struggle he have to face.

The main design has been created by Fresisuisss, while La Purezza del Quartiere is responsible for  the audiovisual part, images and the promotional video.