Spring Summer 19 Collection

2019 is a powerful year and Grimey surprise again with the new trendy collection full of street culture

The Grimey SS19 collection is eclectic and chamelonic  with an evolved aftertaste. The focus is on sportswear, taking and adapting them to a daily use. Vivid colors, mix of materials with an evolutions in some of the brand's flagship garments and introduction of new styles.

Garments for daily use under any kind of circustances. Always keeping our ownstyle following and marking the demanded street culture tendencies around the world.

As usual Grimey divides the collection in different capsules with different inspirations and all together make the total SS19 season. This capsules are :

Brick Top, Midnight, F.A.L.A. Wild Child, Laughing Boy, Heritage, Transsiberian, Steamy, Ultimate Summer, Walking Trophy, Fluid Planet.

In addition we can find two top collabs with artists that we will announce soon and that they are going to be the talk of the town

The ss19 collection is presented throuhg a very exquisite aesthetics focused in the international value. Taking inspiration in the everyday life  , the relationships and the natural behaviour. 

Reflecting the sports garments in a daily use by a shooting in different cool and trendy spots in Madrid.

In this shooting we can find two boys and two girls who meet and spend the day together, having a walk , going to party, eating pizza, going crazy,  flirting, playing, dancing and having fun. 

Grimey still keeps fit with a continue growth and it does not finish here. There is a lot to show you this 2019 and in an amazing future next 2020