Spring Summer 2020



This season our destination is a much warmer one, returning to the streets, to our roots and social demands. The collection that we are presenting you is a much more diverse in regards to styles but with straightforward meanings, while still having a somewhat parental background it holds the aggressive and instigating attitude we are accustomed to show through our garments.




Inspired by the “Cholo” style and the Chicano culture of California. A declaration of love to Chicano Power, the Latin diaspora, the mixture of races and the streets of cities like Los Angeles or San Diego. Garments made with bandanas, chains, tank tops, satin fabrics and proud graphics. It is not about being good or bad but rather not being a Pendejo for anybody.




The sportiest section of our collection, with garments inspired by the decade of the 2000’s. With ACKWNOLEDGE we want to show love and respect to one of our constant influences, Native Tongues, a unique collective of musicians well known for their positive mindset and hopeful Afrocentric content. A full spectrum of colors, mesh patches along with satin fabrics and embroidery with messages inspired by the same collective. In this capsule we are bringing back the baseball jacket, one of most favored garments, accompanied by reversible pullovers, Tactel tracksuits with asymmetric designs, shiny football and baseball uniforms, shorts and tie dye t-shirts…The Love-Hate Movement.




Collaboration with the great Phade, a legend who we truly admired. We had the luck and honor of meeting him in Las Vegas and that’s when the magic happened. The streets of NYC represented through Grimey wear, Old School Graffiti printed on our cotton garments, block parties, computer rock in the year 2020.

Burning and Looting.














A direct tribute to the ¨Maroon People¨ the first African community that revolted and escaped enslavement to establish a free town.

Yanga or Nyanga, means ¨Prince¨ in the African language and is also the name of the town that pays homage to the enslaved son of the King of the Yang-Bara tribe who displayed incredible bravery in the fight to freed his people in what is now modern Veracruz, Mexico. Full print with hand made artwork for garments made with polyester and bamboo fibers as well as animal print for the mesh garments.

Cargo pants, sweatshirts, embroidered Guayaveras, long sleeve t-shirts, bathing suits and our own Muay Thai shorts that return with a Yanga style for this occasion





In Japanese Dojo literally means “ the place of awakening” as it refers to the constant search for physical, moral, mental and spiritual perfection. This is the place where the “VIA” is practiced, additionally Urmah Dojo is also represented by the FU lion, a powerful animal and defender of the law, also considered to be a symbol of protection throughout many Asian cultures.

This is a capsule with powerful colors and a new fitting for the track jacket and female sweatshirts along with nylon crewnecks, large embroidery and full print for cotton garments with flocked vinyl, all of this are part of a series of outfits inspired by the Martial Arts aesthetic, cumbersome statements that give our collection a unique mystic vision to be sported out in the streets.





Our core collection with a new and much more “hyped” style. Rubber patches and acid tones. Cargo track pants, cotton sweatshirts and shorts, a very unique raincoat manufactured with recycled materials and silkscreened t-shirts.